Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions About E-Cigarettes

Every year, more and more people are using E-Cigarettes. They’ve become highly popular as they’re just so simple to use, incredibly convenient and extremely user friendly. Above all, they dramatically improve the daily vaping experience, taking it to a new level. 

To help those who are interested in E-Cigarettes, the team at The Vape Life has written an informative post that answers a few frequently asked questions. Below, read on to find out more, as well as learn about the wide range of products that COIL KANDY has in-stock today. 

What are E-Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes, also referred to as electronic cigarettes, are essentially battery-powered devices which heat a solution to produce an inhalable vapour. Usually, the vaping solution contains nicotine and propylene glycol or glycerine. E-Cigarettes do not contain tobacco or have combustion – this makes them different to tobacco cigarettes. 

Are E-Cigarettes Less Harmful?

Many people ask the question of how E-Cigarettes compare against tobacco smoking. Evidence shows that electronic cigarettes are definitely much less harmful than smoking, as there is no tobacco involved in the process. Although E-Cigarettes contain nicotine, this is addictive but not linked to the biggest health problems from smoking. E-Cigarettes are very commonly used for quitting smoking, and research shows that if you switch from tobacco to E-Cigarettes, you’ll experience less exposure to dangerous chemicals found in tobacco smoke. 


Are E-Cigarettes Regulated?

There is regulation concerning E-Cigarettes, with an EU Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) that was put into place in May 2017. What’s more, if E-Cigarettes are being used for stopping smoking, then they must go through HSE to be compliant with TPD regulation. All other E-Cigarettes follow regulation as consumer products and must meet all the necessary requirements.